About QLD Catalytic Recyclers

A leading purchaser of catalytic converters thats committed to the clean environment.

Our prices are very competitive
We pay the highest cash for scrap catalytic converters and provide free pickup service throughout Australia.
We pay Cash, Cheque and EFT
Don't worry about the payment we pay Cash, Cheque and Electronic Funds Transfer once you have got the free valuation of your material.
Staff are friendly and approachable
We believe in a customer-first approach. So we trained our employees to satisfy customers support and queries.
Multiple sites across Queensland
We are leading Cat Converters buyers in Australia, so we have multiple collection centres across Queensland

Over 50 Years experience in Scrap Metal & Waste

Privately owned Australian company

Founded by Alex and Directors, QLD Catalytic Recyclers is one of the prominent buyers and recyclers of catalytic converters in Australia and New Zealand.

Our years of expertise and team of dedicated professionals make us unique. Over the years, we have become synonymous with auto wrecking and cat converter recycling services.

If you are looking for a way to get rid of your old automobiles and recycle cat converters for top dollar, then your search can end here.

What We Do

Catalytic converters are pollution control devices that play a very crucial role in the automotive industry. It is the range of precious metals in this converter that makes it an ideal candidate for recycling. However, the lifespan of automobiles may be lesser than the catalytic converters. This is where QLD Catalytic Converters come into play.

We are one of the leading players of catalytic converter recycling in Queensland and other parts of Brisbane. Our state-of-the-art auto wrecking and catalytic recycling services are well known in Australia. As a company, we not only help our customers get rid of their automobiles but also do our bit for the environment.

Steadily increasing pollution in the environment led to manufacturers introducing catalytic converters in all new vehicles. Recycling catalytic converters is significantly benefitting the environment by reducing harmful carbon emissions. We are doing our part towards keeping the environment clean and pollution-free.

  • Instant Top Cash for your Scrap Cat Converter
  • We Buy Any Make and Model
  • Available Queensland Wide
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  • Free Collection QLD Wide
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Why Choose Us

Recycling catalytic converters is the win-win situation that every customer wants. You can dispose of your old, damaged automobiles while earning top dollar for it. Our constant effort is to offer an end-to-end catalytic recycling solution to our customers. Right from quotation to paying you in full before towing the automobile, our team handles it all.

QLD Catalytic Recyclers
Additionally, we also offer top-notch auto wrecking services for your used, damaged, and old automobiles. At QLD Catalytic Converters, we offer free consultation and towing services. We believe that you’re broken and damaged automobile should not incur you any further expenses. In fact, we intend to pay you top dollar for your recycled catalytic converter and auto wrecking.

Our motto is to help you earn while doing good for the environment. Our cost for catalytic converters is considerably lower, and our offer price for buying them is higher. At the end of the day, we believe in 100% customer satisfaction. We take care of your quotation, paperwork, automobile assessment and valuation, and towing.

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